Z100 system in the kitchen and in the lobby Z100 is a modern and universal system for designing lighting in various types of spaces. The system, based on an aluminum profile, becomes a platform for placing specially designed modules, allowing to build light combinations.
Spicy luminaire in the children's room Proper light in a teenager's room is extremely important. Interior lighting should be adapted to the lifestyle of the person who lives in it.
Osiedle Bokserska Osiedle Bokserska was built in Warsaw in the Mokotów district at Bokserska Street. The entire investment consists of two residential buildings, which were commissioned in April this year.
Star luminaire When planning the lighting of rooms, we assume the use of many light sources. Depending on the effect we want to achieve, the wall lamp is an excellent alternative to the upper lighting or together they can form a harmonious whole.
Bricks Family Bricks is a family of luminaires combining design, functionality, original form and modernity.
Bero in the bedroom The bedroom is an oasis of intimacy, relaxation and healthy sleep. She loves soft fabrics, friendly colours and, of course, proper lighting.
Golden luminaires in the bedroom Recently, we all have loved golden accessories, this elegant colour can be very subtle, and it perfectly complements the subdued interior, giving them an elegant character.
Speaker luminaire in the Bathroom Choosing the right bathroom luminaire is one of the many important tasks you need to focus on to create a coherent and practical space.
HOLD projectors The hall is the first contact with the style prevailing in further rooms.
stylish interior in dark shades Black colour in the interior - sounds disturbing? It does not have to - black gives the right style and elegance in the designed space.
Legal Advisor's Office, Elbląg, Poland Are you thinking about lighting your office space? The Z60 system is a luminaire that will allow you to meet all design assumptions.
Living room with Spritzer luminaire Shades of gray and brown are often found in our homes separately. Meanwhile, such a colour combination can not only be an effective decoration of the interior, but also make it look warm and cozy.
Bathroom with Spritzer luminaire We present the next version of your favorite SPRITZER luminaire. The interior of the bathroom has been equipped with the highest quality products. Every detail counted here!
Dining room with Spritzer luminaire Black and white are the most timeless and universal colours, they can be found in many styles and interiors.
White kitchen with the Spritzer luminaire A modern design with the SPRITZER luminaire means freshness and harmony. The brass Spritzer harmonizes with the elements of the decor with the same finish, perfectly matching the colours of the interior.
Family House We present the implementation of the "Goździkowa Stodoła" family house, to which we have supplied SLIM projectors. Thanks to the appropriate lighting, we can display selected areas of the apartment.
Chambre à coucher avec luminaire Spritzer A bedroom in gray and brown colours calms down. It is in the bedroom that we regenerate our strength, which is why choosing the right colour and lighting is so important.
Spritzer lamp in the bathroom Spritzer lamp in the bathroom? Why not. Closed in a flexible tube, the light spreads along designated lines, providing direct light.
BERO SD We present an implementation in which the Bero luminaire was used and its double functionality in such a place as a bedroom.
Apartment Grand Bulwar The Grand Bulvar apartment building is a unique project to revitalize an old military building, not only on the scale of Toruń. The facility is located in the immediate vicinity of the Old Town, in a quiet place near parks and the Vistula boulevard.

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