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 About us


Zaho lighting was created out of fascination with light and its influence on the quality of life. For us, a luminaire is not only about construction and design, but above all about the quality of light, which affects human well-being.All products are designed and manufactured in a factory in Poland. We use electronic components and LEDs from the best world producers. The components supply chain is made up only of qualified suppliers with whom we have cooperated for years. We examine and test product prototypes in the laboratory before they are included in our permanent offer. Thanks to our own factory serving our group of companies, we have control over the whole production process. Many years of experience in the investment market allows us to support the investor and the architect in the implementation of the project, from the selection of luminaires, through calculations, to supervision over the implementation of the concept.

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Our mission

For us, a lighting fixture is not only a structure and design but above all the quality of light, which affects the well-being of a person. We try to introduce this responsible approach at every stage of production, starting from sustainable design, through the use of the latest lighting technologies and components of the world’s best producers.

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Z100 system in the kitchen and in the lobby Z100 is a modern and universal system for designing lighting in various types of spaces. The system, based on an aluminum profile, becomes a platform for placing specially designed modules, allowing to build light combinations.
Spicy luminaire in the children's room Proper light in a teenager's room is extremely important. Interior lighting should be adapted to the lifestyle of the person who lives in it.
Osiedle Bokserska Osiedle Bokserska was built in Warsaw in the Mokotów district at Bokserska Street. The entire investment consists of two residential buildings, which were commissioned in April this year.




Lighting has a very important role in the interiors. The colour of the light and its intensity have a huge impact on our well-being, psychological comfort and efficiency at work. That is why the right choice of lighting and its parameters is so important. The latest LED technologies used by us in the process of designing lighting fixtures in conjunction with intelligent control systems, such as: Tunable White, Dali, Casambi allow not only to provide interesting visual effects, but above all, to effectively manage light and improve the comfort of staying in a given interior.



Thanks for participating in the Architect@work 2022 fair The first Polish edition of the Architect@Work event has come to an end. It was a time full of unforgettable impressions for us.

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