We produce a range of thoughtfully designed lighting profiles for domestic and commercial applications. ZAHO's innovative lamps will work well wherever there is a need for increased light control. Minimalist ceiling and pendant luminaires, designed according to the requirements of architectural lighting, will be the perfect choice for office spaces, private interiors, stages and theatrical venues.


What sets our lighting profiles apart?


We offer modern architectural lighting that enables you to create a wide variety of effects and lighting combinations tailored to your needs. With our ceiling suspensions, recessed wall profiles and modern pendant and ceiling-mounted luminaires, you can create unobvious lighting combinations to suit the specific requirements of a room. If you are looking for versatile luminaires for lighting design, we warmly recommend the ZAHO System Z60 for suspended, wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted installation.


ZAHO System Z60 - comfort and ergonomics

The skilful use of light in architecture allows unobvious design effects to be achieved. With the ZAHO System Z60, based on slim aluminium profiles, you can increase the impression of optical enlargement and create a cosy atmosphere. Our pendant and ceiling luminaires, suspension luminaires and recessed light sources using advanced LED technology provide the required working comfort and promote ergonomics in the office environment. Unique lighting designs for buildings, using the ZAHO System Z60, will meet the expectations of even the most demanding users. When creating innovative lighting profiles, we pay particular attention to providing optimal lighting in commercial spaces. We particularly recommend this system for offices, conference rooms and auditoriums.


LED technologies in architectural lighting - luminaires

As lighting specialists, we know that the right recessed wall or pendant luminaires can completely transform the look of an interior. If you are looking for energy-efficient light sources that also fulfil a decorative function, we encourage you to choose our pendant luminaires available in various shapes and sizes. To meet our customers' expectations, we have extended our product range to include modernist light
lighting profiles in a wide range of colours. Extremely aesthetically pleasing, designer and maintained in uniform colours, they will complement the arrangement of any minimalist interior. Our production also includes pendants, classic lighting profiles, ceiling pendants and ceiling and pendant luminaires, which are ideal for commercial premises and public facilities. Their subtle and simple design, integrated into the surface of the ceiling, will allow for precise area illumination. If you are interested in our products, including the ZAHO System Z60, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or telephone. We will be happy to answer all your questions.


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