A thoughtful choice of lighting lamps is one of the key factors influencing the functionality and aesthetics of an interior. Whether you are looking for a main or accent light source, we are confident that our range will appeal to you. We are a renowned manufacturer of ceiling, ceiling and pendant light fittings. We design innovative architectural lighting for individual and business customers. We warmly invite you to familiarise yourself with our products.


Interior lamps for private customers and companies

We specialise in the production of ceiling and pendant lamps for residential and commercial buildings. You can find our ceiling luminaires in numerous public buildings, offices and private properties. As a lighting manufacturer with many years of experience in the industry, we are very familiar with the needs of our customers and go to great lengths to ensure that our new collections meet the highest quality requirements and also fit in with current interior design trends.We create innovative lighting concepts for public spaces and produce interior lighting elements that combine functionality and design. We also design accent lighting to bring out the potential of a room and highlight its details.


Pendant light fittings in modern interiors

When you invest in our pendant light fittings, you are sure to gain not only a functional accessory, but also a unique decoration. We want architectural lighting to be reminiscent of a work of applied art, which is why all designs, realised by our designers, are refined to the smallest detail. Modern pendant luminaires for lamps, accent light sources or classic mood luminaires allow you to redesign your living space without investing large amounts of money.


Functionality, ergonomics and modern design - discover our ceiling luminaires

Our ceiling and pendant luminaires are products that stand out from the competition. We want our customers to be confident that they are investing in the highest quality, which is why all products come with a long guarantee period. In our manufacturing processes, we only use tried and tested electronic components from reputable manufacturers, so you can be sure that your ceiling luminaires will provide the right lighting for your room. We know that the intensity of the light source is just as important as the design of the accessories, which is why we implement innovative features that make the lamps even more efficient and allow you to build an ergonomic working environment. One of these features is the ability to change the colour temperature of the ceiling lamp and accent lighting. This allows users to set the optimum brightness in the room and adjust the light intensity to individual preferences.


Ceiling luminaires for demanding customers


The ceiling and pendant luminaires we offer for lamps have been created with various users in mind. We design products whose form and function are adapted to different architectural conditions. In order to meet the expectations of multiple customer groups, we take care to maintain flexibility. Our ceiling lights come in the form of a light band or a single system. As a result, they can play the role of both
accent lighting as well as main lighting. If you have any doubts about which ceiling light to choose or would like to find out more about the possibilities and installation methods, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or telephone. We will be happy to demonstrate the advantages of specific ceiling and pendant systems created by our specialists, and if necessary, we will also present other products and unusual installation methods. We believe that with our unconventional approach to architectural lighting design, we are able to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.


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