What is CRI ?

The CRI is a colour rendering index with a maximum value of 100. To ensure good colour reproduction and contrast, light sources with a high colour rendering index should be used. Then the objects we observe appear in their natural colours.

For work, light sources with a CRI greater than 80 should be used, while in rooms where the presentation of colours is particularly important, e.g. art rooms, paint shops, dentist's surgeries, light sources with a CRI greater than 90 should be used. At home, the minimum value should be greater than 80, and in front of mirrors, e.g. where ladies do their make-up, it is better to exceed 90.

What is the guarantee for ZAHO luminaires?

For the most part, ZAHO luminaires are guaranteed for 5 years.


How to choose lighting for the bedroom?

The bedroom is a place where we primarily focus on relaxation and rest. After the mattress, lighting is the most important element for our mood and should be warm and soft. Cold temperatures have a stimulating effect on us, which is hardly what we want here. It is also important to use several sources. Ceiling lighting alone will not give us intimacy and mood, and bedside lamps will not illuminate the room sufficiently. One interesting suggestion is the Bero Sd luminaire, minimal, modern and, thanks to its movable head, functional. which will combine perfectly with ceiling lighting.

Where can I buy ZAHO luminaires?

As a manufacturer, we cooperate with a dealer network throughout Poland. Write to us and we will point you to a showroom in your region

Does ZAHO have a database of 3D files?

Yes, all 3D files are available at

Does ZAHO have a database of ldt files?

Yes, all ldt files are available at


Will the choice of colour temperature affect how a space functions?

Definitely yes! Colder light is ideal wherever we need to stimulate the brain to work and increase concentration. Therefore, for spaces such as offices, classrooms or doctors' surgeries, we recommend 4000K. Warmer colour temperatures, such as 3000K or even 2700K, promote relaxation and help you unwind. It is ideal for flats, restaurants or hotels. If you don't want to be limited to one colour temperature, depending on the time of day, the year or even your mood, you can adjust it between 2700K-6500K thanks to the Tunable White technology available, for example, in the Z60 system -


What is UGR and does ZAHO have luminaires with an ugr rating?

UGR, or Unified Glare Rating, is a unified index for assessing unpleasant glare. This indicator indicates the observer's subjective level of discomfort towards the glare source. Keeping this index at a low level, e.g. <19, is a very important factor for the comfort of the room. It is particularly important to take care in selecting luminaires with low UGR, e.g. for office spaces. ZAHO offers luminaires with a UGR as low as <16 such as NINA BLACK LOW POWER - . In addition, the product range also includes recessed and ceiling-mounted luminaires with low UGR such as ZUMA, BROOKLYN, ZAX DEEP and ZAX HONEYCOMB DEEP.

What colour temperature should be used in flats?

A flat is a zone where we subjectively assess the colour temperature of the lighting or the colour of the walls.  Based on our experience, we suggest choosing temperatures of 2700K - warm or 3000K - neutral. These are optimal temperatures that will work in any room.


Is it better to use popular incandescent bulbs or luminaires with built-in leds in flats?

Our range includes luminaires dedicated to the traditional incandescent bulb as well as those with a built-in led. The latter are in the vast majority. And why? Because the technologies currently used in relation to lifespan and functionality mean that an LED luminaire will last for many years, which translates into significant energy and money savings.


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