Legal Advisor's Office, Elbląg, Poland

Are you thinking about lighting your office space? The Z60 system is a luminaire that will allow you to meet all design assumptions.

System Z60 is a modern and universal system for designing lighting in various types of spaces. The profile-based system becomes a platform for placing specially designed modules, allowing to build light combinations tailored to the individual needs of the recipient.

The flexibility it provides with various inserts works well in rooms where, in addition to luminous efficiency, it is also required to ensure the highest comfort of work and stay in the room (UGR<16). The system also has modules equipped with TUNABLE WHITE and RGB technology. TUNABLE WHITE is a modern technology that allows the use of artificial light by controlling its light colour (2700K-6500K) and adapting it to our circadian rhythm of the day. RGB technology allows you to mix three basic colours: R-red, G-green, B-blue in different intensities, which gives you the opportunity to achieve amazing lighting effects.

Another functionality of the system is the possibility of using a wide range of projectors within it, which will allow you to accentuate given places, elements of equipment, images, etc.

Thanks to the accessories used, it is possible to mount the system in suspended, ceiling, wall and mortise versions.


project: Legal Advisor's Office, Elbląg, Poland


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