We produce an innovative architectural lighting system that will work well in commercial spaces, public facilities, lecture theatres and private properties. ZAHO System Z100 is a market innovation that will change the face of the industry. Our flexible system, using aluminium profiles, allows you to create any lighting combination by freely combining modules. With minimalist ceiling suspensions, flush-mounted profiles and ceiling and pendant luminaires, you can easily create a space that is tailored to your needs and preferences.


Lighting control - ergonomic luminaires and slings

A key feature of the ZAHO System Z100 is its modular design. The lighting profiles can be arranged in any configuration, so you can easily achieve your preferred lighting effects. The entire system is in fact a platform for the placement of modules that emit light at different intensities. Particularly noteworthy is the Opal Line, which allows the light output to be evenly dispersed and adequately illuminate every point in the room.


What makes our light fittings stand out?

We are well aware that lighting profiles are more than just a functional interior design element. To meet our customers' expectations, we have ensured that the pendant and ceiling-mounted luminaires and ceiling suspensions we design are products of ergonomic design and aesthetic finish. We are renowned for producing minimalist recessed wall profiles that impress with their modern design. Why are our ceiling-mounted and pendant luminaires ergonomic products? In addition to a special design that promotes even light distribution, our light profiles have been enhanced with advanced features. Of particular note is the Tunable White technology used in the ZAHO System Z100. The user gains the possibility to change the colour temperature, i.e. to adapt the light colour to the time of day, making staying in the room even more comfortable.


ZAHO System Z100 for homes and flats

Our creative and innovative luminaires are suitable for all flats and houses designed in minimalist, modern and glamour styles. Original pendant luminaires, ceiling-mounted luminaires and ceiling pendants, are characterised by a simple yet extremely elegant design, which will emphasise the unconventional character of the interior. When designing our luminaires, recessed wall profiles and ceiling suspensions, we take care to select the best materials that will retain their original form over a long period of time. By investing in ZAHO System Z100, you are assured that your accessories will retain their functionality and striking appearance for many years to come. If you have any questions about the luminaires, please feel free to contact us by email or telephone. We will be happy to clarify all questions about the ZAHO System Z100 and show you the best solutions for architectural lighting.


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